Left or right, it’s a winner for Dnata Travel

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that creatives working for a business of any size will sometimes find themselves constrained by requirements which inevitably hamper their designs. Usually this is no more onerous than having to work within existing style guidelines, but occasionally it also includes particular ways of working which ties one hand behind your back. So it was after dnata acquired the company I worked for and wanted a transactional travel website. Read more »

A 5 star redesign for Travel Republic

I think we call all agree that waiting seven years before redesigning and refactoring a site is too long, but that was the task a new, small design team I joined in 2010 faced at Travel Republic. Whilst those who had preceded me had done their best to keep the site looking contemporary, the code had inevitably become bloated and dated. The backend worked well, and the online travel agent was both popular and profitable, but the frontend desperately needed to be made afresh. Read more »