Use .htaccess to force https without the www

I recently updated the hosting for a single page site which was first published five years ago, to only be accessible via a SSL and within a day or two Google had boosted it from nowhere to first place for the name of the brand. There really is no question that any successful site now needs to be accessible via https only nowadays then, but even if you can set this via cpanel you should also set it via an htaccess file. Why? Because it’s really easy to forget that this may still leave you with a duplicate content problem as your site is still available both with and without a preceding www.Read more »

Automatic copyright date using PHP

If you like to make your side projects in PHP, you’ll need to add a copyright message in the footer just in case it takes off and you want to establish ownership. Side projects however get quickly out of date because you make them in your spare time and that time is limited, but nobody wants to have to update their site(s) on New Years Day, so to avoid your site looking out of date every year, just use this little bit of PHP to automatically update the year.Read more »